You Gotta Start Somewhere

I’ve finally created my blog.  As soon as I hit “publish”, readers will flock to luxuriate in my thoughtful content and carefully drafted expositions about my ideas, my life, and my interests.  No one knows how they ever survived without and the blogging world will never be the same again.

Now, obviously the reality sets in and I realize that my blog is less than a month old, that I have no idea how to fully utilize all things wordpress, or how to analyze and edit my new sparkly genesis theme from Sarah, and that I couldn’t possibly gain such a following in this short amount of time. Am I 100% sure of what I want to write about? No, not yet, but I think that will come in time as I start to discover my voice in the blogging world. And what I may lack in an idealized direction, I make up for in my passion and inspiration.

I want to delight in all things that influence me to do better and be better; to be more creative and exciting. I want to surrender all of my fears, doubts, and negativity in order to take that first step towards something unfamiliar and exhilarating. It has taken me almost two weeks to come up with an idea for my first post and as my title states, “you gotta start somewhere”. So I’m starting here, and I’m starting now. I anticipate those proverbial bumps in the road (that to me, seem as big as mountains right now) as I venture on this quest but instead of giving up, I welcome the challenges and embrace the fact that just because something is intimidating, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing.

I can’t make many promises right now, but the one promise that I can make is to be completely, 100% honest with everything I write about. That includes the amazingly interesting and the not-so-glamorous parts (borderline mundane, and I apologize ahead of time but life can’t always be so alluring and attractive unless of course you Jennifer Lawrence) of my life.

So now that I’ve gotten the “why” out of the way, I’d like you welcome you to my blog. I do hope that you are able to find things that interest you and keep you coming back to read what I have to say. And for my sake, I hope that I am able to figure out the inner workings of SEO , WordPress, and other other “behind the scenes” crap of blogging so that my audience is able to find me!

Wish me luck!

XOXO Therese



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