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Five Things Friday Part 4

Good morning and Happy Friday! The weather this morning is less than ideal with cloudy skies and rain, but I’m hopeful that it will clear up so we can enjoy the weekend. We have a few things on the agenda this weekend, so I’m more than ready to be done with work and start having […]

Swiss Oatmeal Recipe

I first fell in love with Swiss oatmeal when I had it the CornerBakery cafe. While I do love me some regular oatmeal from time to time, in the summer months I tend to gravitate towards meals that are cold, refreshing and ‘light.’ This oatmeal is healthy, delicious and won’t make you sweat more than you […]

Easy Fish Recipe

It’s hard to find decent fish when you live in a land locked city like Chicago. Lucky for us, our Whole Foods has a great selection of seafood, so every now and then my husband and I splurge on a really great piece of fish. A couple weekends ago we decided to make these steamed fish […]