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Today is Day 2 of being positive and I can already feel a change in the way I approach each day.  It is so easy to get stuck on the negative things in life but if you just take a step back to think, breathe, and look around, you are able to see all of […]

Hawaiian Flatbread Pizza – 8 points

I love pizza. I could quite possibly eat it everyday, but we all know that sometimes pizza is not the best choice to make. Depending on the kind of pizza you get, it can be loaded with grease, fat, cheese and waaaay too many Weight Watcher points to make it worth it. I decided to make […]

Daily Eats 07/30/2014

I’m going to be tracking my WeightWatchers points on my blog including total point value of everything I eat throughout the day as well as the total number of points for the entire day including any deficient points and active points earned. I already use the handy plan manager to keep me accountable so this is […]

Fruit Pizza Recipe – Weight Watchers Friendly

My husband has the biggest sweet tooth and had been wanting me to make a fruit pizza for the longest time, so over 4th of July weekend I made this tasty fruit pizza. This is  WeightWatcher friendly too!     Fruit Pizza Recipe: 1 Pilsbury refrigerated sugar cookie dough 8oz reduced fat cream cheese (room temperature) 1/2 […]

3 Positives in 5 Days – Day 1

I have been feeling a bit down lately and extra stressed out. Normally when I have these negative feelings, I use food or other unhealthy vices to cope. I’m not using food as a coping device anymore so I’ve have to come up with new ways to snap myself out of my funky moods and distract […]

Five Things Friday Part 5

I will admit that I have been slacking BIG time on this blog. I guess I’m struggling with the overall focus of my blog and what I write about. I’ve decided to not over analyze it anymore and just go for it. In thinking about the direction of my blog, I thought a lot about […]