3 Positives in 5 Days – Day 1

I have been feeling a bit down lately and extra stressed out. Normally when I have these negative feelings, I use food or other unhealthy vices to cope. I’m not using food as a coping device anymore so I’ve have to come up with new ways to snap myself out of my funky moods and distract my mind from spiraling into an over-analyzing, over-thinking mess. This blog is kind of a way for me to channel those feelings in a more positive and proactive way instead of just binge eating on the couch.

I was inspired by a friend of mine to write down 3 positives the next 5 days. I’m hoping that doing this will give me much needed perspective on all of the good things in my life.



1. I have an amazing supportive husband who always has my back no matter what. He is always making me laugh and smile despite a bad day or unhappy mood. He is most definitely my rock.



2. Since I started WeightWatchers in June, I’ve lost 12.8lbs. This is the first plan that I’ve ever really followed through on and stuck with. Normally, if I don’t start seeing results right away I get discouraged and want to quit. I’m also used to crash diets, elimination diets, and basically any terrible diet you can think of. WeightWatchers has been an extremely helpful tool in recent my weight loss adventure and has truly reinforced the fact that the road to being healthy is a life long journey, it’s not something that is temporary.  I love that I have been able to throw out that terrible word “diet” and just live life in a healthy way.


3.  Summer time. This summer has been absolutely beautiful! It hasn’t been too hot, we’ve been able to leave our windows open, and the sun is shining when I leave for work in the morning and when I come home from work at night. In the summer time it’s so easy to feel happy and carefree. Concerts, baseball games, cocktails on a patio, bike rides — anything to get outside and enjoy the fresh air is the best. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate just how precious the few short summer months of Chicago really are.

Cubs @ Wrigley 7-12-14

Cubs @ Wrigley 7-12-14

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