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Five Things Friday Part 6

I cannot believe that it’s August already! This summer is definitely whizzing by and the back to school commercials and sales have already started. I think almost every weekend this month we have something planned so to say it’s going to be a busy month is an understatement.

Between birthdays, concerts, bachelorette and bridal shower parties, and Vegas, this is sure to be another whirlwind month. This Saturday Jeff and I are going to be looking at a few houses in the Palatine area. I am super excited for it but also extremely nervous since I’ve never been through the searching and buying process before. Jeff owns the condo that we live in now, but he purchased it before we lived together so at least he knows what we are in for!

We also have a 6th birthday party to go to for my dear friend Mary’s kiddo, Ashton.

Sunday is Heart at Ravinia with some of my girlfriends. I’ve been looking forward to this all summer long!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!



How flipping adorable are these bronze cat rings from  CatbirdNYC. These rings would go perfectly with other stackable rings. They also have a mini kitty ring that is super cute too!

  • Fitness Club
Amanda and Myself

Amanda and Myself


My friend Amanda recently set up a fitness club for all of our friends to take part in. We alternate biking, walking, and boot camp. This picture was taken this past Sunday after a super sweaty boot camp session. We ran up and down hills, did bearcrawls up hill and alternated between kettle bell swings, one-minute planks and walking lunges.  When the 45 minutes was up, my legs and abs were on fire.  It was a fantastic start to a Sunday!


  • Rompers!


This adorable blue palm print ruffled romper is from Torrid and I am absolutely IN LOVE with it. The print is fun, it’s flowy, light and I may or may not have purchased it the other day. This one from NY&CO is pretty awesome too. So this fun print strapless one. I need ALL.OF.THE.ROMPERS.




I mainly stick to my morning iced coffee pick-me-up but sometimes in the afternoon or on the weekends I like to change it up a bit with this delicious blend of apple, lemongrass, and hibiscus. I usually get it unsweetened since the natural flavors are enough for me. This is as refreshing as it gets!


  •  They’re Real – Push Up gel eyeliner from Benefit


Very seldom do I wear eyeliner,  mostly because I haven’t mastered the technique and I’m kind of derpy when I try to put it on. With this new gel eyeliner from Benefit I’m able to draw an almost (I’m still working on it, okay?) perfect no smudge line. It stays on in the humidity and lasts a really long time. It hasn’t  been added to my daily routine because I’m kind of low maintenance during the week, but I definitely bust it out on the weekends for date night or going out with friends.


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