Friday Faves Part 7



Happy Friday the 13th! Congratulations on making it through another week!  This week seemed to fly on by and when I woke up this morning and realized it was already Friday, I couldn’t have been happier! I should also mention that it is 62 and sunny in Chicago today which makes the day THAT much better. I’m hoping that winter is finally over and that spring is just around the corner! *Fingers crossed*

It’s Jeff’s birthday weekend so we are going to celebrate a little bit with a nice dinner out and maybe a movie at home. The birthday boy wants to keep it low key and that is fine with me!

I decided to give my blog a little makeover with the help of Jana over at LittleWebWritingBlog. Not only did she give my blog the face lift that it desperately needed, but she also helped me to incorporate a few new special touches in terms of a couple new blog series, and a more simple, fresh look.

In terms of my blog, I felt like I was trying to do too much and trying to keep up with a lot of other popular sites. I didn’t really have a clear focus of what I wanted to do with TheresesPieces which lead to me feeling really overwhelmed to the point of not wanting to post anymore. I think that I have finally moved past all of that and now I am ready to move on and really find my voice in the blogging world.


Moving right along…


I changed my original idea of “Five Things Friday” to FridayFaves because sometimes it was difficult for me to come up with five things that interested me that week — in fact, sometimes it was a daunting task. FridayFaves not only gives me the freedom, but really allows me to focus on what truly inspired me or caught my attention throughout the week. Here’s to hoping it goes over well!


This is obviously not a new thing, or maybe for some it is, but I seriously cannot get enough of this dog’s instagram. Tuna cracks me up all.the.time.

Tuna is obviously a pro at traveling:


But all that traveling can really tire a pup out:


I received a sample of Staniac in my BirchBox last month and I have been wearing it nonstop (I’m actually almost out). It’s a water-base balm for cheeks and lips and sets longer than most stains I’ve used in the past. You can build up the color or just use one coat like I usually do to achieve a perfectly rose lip or cheeks


  • Mason Jar Salads

With the weather warming up, all I’ve been craving is lots of salads but sometimes my salads can get a little boring so I’ve been wanting to mix it up a bit and saw these awesome recipes on FoxesloveLemons. I mean how delicious does this Chopped Salad in a jar look and just look at all of the creations you could make!

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of


What are some of your favorite salad creations and fixings?

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