Friday Faves Part 10

HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope everyone is feeling extra happy today and ready for a fun weekend ahead! Did this week fly by for anyone else? I love it when that happens! I have a fairly open agenda this weekend which is absolutely perfect. We are on the last season of Sons of Anarchy so I definitely see us laying on the couch watching that tonight. I can’t believe it’s almost over! There are so many loose ends I can’t wait to see tied up and I’m so anxious to know how everything ends.

And now for my small tangent:

I don’t know about you, but whenever I watch a series like SoA I tend to get really emotionally invested in characters and take it personal if they are injured, do something shocking, or are killed off (Game of Thrones, I’m talking to you!). Like, I will literally scream and cry at the TV as if they real people and not just characters on a TV show.  Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Girls, The Wire —- all of these shows really know how to stir up emotions!  I think the reason is that most of these series are so true to life (with the exception of GOT). The events aren’t too far fetched from what people may deal with on a daily basis and most of the time I find myself truly connecting to a few key people in how they react to things and deal with conflict. Yes, I know I am crazy but I can’t be the only one to feel this way.

What are some shows that stir up emotions for you?

Anyway, getting back to weekend plans, I do have some household things to tackle like cleaning the bathrooms (guh-ross), sweeping and vacuuming, dusting (it’s basically the worst), tidying up the kitchen, and then probably making a mess of it again while I concoct something delicious in the kitchen. My goal this month is to come up with one recipe a week — or more realistically piggyback on someone else’s recipe and customize it to my liking. I really want to get in the kitchen more and experiment as I’ve been feeling less than inspired with my meals lately. Whatever you decide to do this weekend, I hope you make it a fun one!

Moving onto my Friday Faves…


  • Um, can we talk about how amazingly drool worthy these cheddar croissant donuts from Joy the Baker look? To make it THAT more delicious, she adds a honey mustard glaze to them! Ugh! I am drooling right now. (JoytheBaker)
  • A new Trader Joes  FINALLY opened up by our house so to say I am excited is probably a gross understatement. It’s conveniently located on our drive home from work so I imagine we’ll be making stops there during the week and even perhaps during our Friday night grocery shopping trips! I don’t think anything has ever sounded more adult than that!
  • I don’t think you can find another person who loves the combination of peanut butter and jelly. And, PBJ overnight oatmeal? Um, SIGN ME UP. I saw this amazing concoction over on Lee’s site. YUM! (FitFoodieFinds)
  • THIS cheesy artichoke skillet flat bread that Jessica so devilishly created. I mean, how can you not want to shove all of this in your face in the most unflattering way? (HowSweetEats)
  • Springtime fashion! Although it’s still too cold to wear skirts or dresses without tights, this blog post from StitchFix about Spring fashion most definitely has me pumped for those warm, sunny, and breezy spring days.  I mean this skirt? Are you kidding me? It’s beyond adorable!


 and this delicate and feminine lace dress? Seriously!



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