Daily Eats 08/06/2014

Today was a busy day in terms of work so it was nice when my friend Meghan and I got to relax and get pedicures. Vegas is next week so my toes needed to get ready for vacation! I choose a fun summery minty green color.   Moving on to my daily food log…   […]

Daily Eats 08/05/2014

I wasn’t really paying attention to my points for today and by the afternoon I was completely out of it and sort of zoning out. I went to my daily tracker and realized that I only consumed about 12 points of food unintentionally. I was fatigued and just blah when I got home so I ate […]

Daily Eats 08/04/2014

This weekend was jam-packed with house hunting, birthday parties, girls night, and other fun things so I wasn’t able to update the blog as much as I wanted to. I’m back on track this Monday morning with my Daily Eats AND I am happy to report that I’m down another 1lb and a 1/2. It puts my […]

Daily Eats – 07/31/2014

DAILY POINTS: 32 FLEX POINTS: 49 Breakfast For breakfast I had an egg white and turkey sausage breakfast sandwich with my usual Starbucks iced venti unsweetened coffee with 2% milk and splenda. Total points: 7 Lunch The picture isn’t all that great, but the sandwich was DEELICIOUS. For lunch I had a ham and swiss sandwich from Potbelly, but […]

Daily Eats 07/30/2014

I’m going to be tracking my WeightWatchers points on my blog including total point value of everything I eat throughout the day as well as the total number of points for the entire day including any deficient points and active points earned. I already use the handy plan manager to keep me accountable so this is […]